Rebanda de Vallekas

The “Rebanda de Vallekas” is an intergenerational initiative that currently has up to 40 non-professional musicians from the neighborhood. The project is formed by members from 8 to 80 years old, with 60% of the members under 35 years old.

Golden SAX

“Golden Sax Madrid” is a saxophone group with approximately 30 members, 80% of whom are under 35 years old.

What we do

The members participating in the band reside in the area of Villa de Vallecas, Santa Eugenia, Puente de Vallecas and Usera. These projects aim to become an attraction for young people with an interest in music who share the commitment to be part of a solid, stable and focused on the dissemination of music group. In addition, the groups, among their proposals, are available to be part of events and performances in the neighborhood or in other locations.

The direction of the groups is in charge of Sergio Bienzobas. He is the professional who directs and makes the arrangements of the songs that are part of the repertoire, which provides support in learning, interpretation, musical knowledge (solfège), promoting musical culture, creating a good climate of integration that is breeding ground for the taste for such learning and cooperative participation, where synergies are established between different people and / or possible collaboration with different musical groups in the environment. Sergio Bienzobas is a figure of leadership, close, patient and motivating character, who is present at all times in this project.

Sergio Bienzobas, together with a team of other professionals, offers improvement courses in instruments and other musical disciplines. The objective of these lessons is on the one hand the instrumental improvement of the members of the band and on the other hand to be able to offer to those people who still do not have the sufficient level a preparation to be able to enter in both group formations.

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  1. To gather, recognize and support youth with artistic interest and talent and to encourage their promotion and cultural development.
  2. Promote youth participation and associationism in music-related issues.
  3. To program, disseminate and develop leisure, creative and free time activities related to music.
  4. Collaborate to develop or participate in cultural activities: weekend events, music festivals, district festivals and other events..
  5. To bring music closer to different groups, such as senior centers, cultural centers, meetings with other groups, schools, hospitals, residences.
  6. Promote, participate and enjoy a good working environment, make music and enjoy it, participate in projects, in which the taste for music is developed, which serves as a basis for the continuation of musical studies.
  7. To create and develop an interest and enthusiasm in the participants for the study and practice of music.
  8. To provide intensive cooperative training in the musical discipline to develop technical, cognitive and creative skills.
  9. Cultivate the desire for continued musical and intellectual growth throughout life to encourage the active participation of individuals as listeners or performers of music.