TODOAUNARTE is a non-profit association founded in 2022.

Our mission is to promote coexistence, interculturality, education in values and intergenerational collaboration.




Promote coexistence, interculturalism, education in values, intergenerational collaboration giving opportunities to children and adolescents through musical practice, projecting personal and social development committed to the environment.
Our plan of activities is non-profit, but informative and needs support to move forward and give a boost to music, culture and healthy leisure activities that integrate the vision and the construction of a healthy, playful and facilitating environment for music to reach wherever possible


The spirit of the association is intergenerational, inclusive, open, which aims to be a cultural space with a character associated with the neighborhoods of southern Madrid. Making it possible for music to serve as a vehicle and means of union in the commitment to a motivating cultural activity that generates union and transformation.

We believe that music is a universal language that unites people and helps to improve our quality of life. Together we want to add a note of hope in our community and enrich the lives of others through music and culture.